Release History

ClickOnceMore 3.0

Including Enterprise Edition - Coming Soon

  • Available in Standard and Enterprise, allowing you to choose the price and product to suit you needs.
  • The Enterprise Edition will have some great features for managing more complex ClickOnce builds and processes, while the Standard Edition will still be the same solid ClickOnce build tool you are using today.
  • Rename and move ClickOnce manifests using the ClickOnceMore command line tool. This great new feature, combined with the power of ClickOnceMore macros, will give you even more control over your software workflow. Allowing you to seamlessly move a product from Development into QA and then into Production.
  • Integration with popular build tools such as Nant, Visual Build and CCNet.

ClickOnceMore 2.8

25 May 2016

  • Support for selecting certificates from certificate store
  • Support for .Net 4.6 and .Net 4.6.1 as pre-requisites for your application.
  • Support for Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1, Update 1 and Windows 10 as pre-requisites for your application
  • Added additional Display Name field for application. Allows Identity of app and name as seen by user to be different
  • Improved error handling when resolving file inclusion rules with missing sub directories in the inclusion patterns
  • Improved message when invalid license used in command line builder
  • Graceful error handling for deployment URLs not ending in ".application"
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ClickOnceMore 2.7

15 February 2015

  • Support for .Net 4.5.1 and .Net 4.5.2 as pre-requisites for your application.
  • UI layout improvements, including larger default window size and resizable macro set editor.
  • Usability improved with splitter bars on some tabs including macro tab and files tab.
  • ErrorReportUrl now being set in both deployment (.application) and application (.manifest) manifests.
  • Addition of "Processor" as a built in macro value (e.g. x86 or amd64 can be embedded in app name, paths, etc).
  • Application version can now be auto-detected from the main executable version of the application being deployed.
  • Minor bug fix: Deployment URL macro values are now resolved before checking it ends in '.application'.
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ClickOnceMore 2.6

19 December 2013

  • Support for .Net 4.5 as a pre-requisite for your application.
  • Added legacy support for V2.4 users wishing to continue having an assembly identity without ".application" in name.
  • Better handling of errors deleting old output directory during a build - especially due to permissions.
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ClickOnceMore 2.5

31 January 2013

  • This release fixes a bug whereby ".application" was not being appended to the end of the assembly identity name in the deployment manifest, causing issues for people upgrading from version 2.3 or before.
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ClickOnceMore 2.4

20 November 2012

  • Ability to treat assemblies as simple files, not assemblies. This can be useful for third party assemblies that contain manifests which confuse ClickOnce.
  • File inclusion and exclusion rules no longer case sensitive.
  • Read only files included in the build no longer cause build errors.
  • Fixed some issues around the user setting folder on Windows 7.
  • Changing a macro shceme name no longer detatches values from the scheme.
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ClickOnceMore 2.3

30 May 2011

  • Improved error handling when creating output directory.
  • New option to use the application name as the identity field in .manifest file. This allows you to create distinct ClickOnce packages based on the same executable file, without having to change the name of the executable file each time.
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ClickOnceMore 2.2

29 March 2011

  • Optional ClickOnce manifest signing, as supported by Visual Studio. If you don't need the security of signed manifests, then you don't need to go to the effort of creating a certificate to use. Just deploy your ClickOnce app unsigned.
  • Better handling of duplicate assemblies pulled in by file inclusion rules... catching the duplicates, so that you don't have to! Leaving you free to concentrate on more important things than ClickOnce!
  • Support for Registration Free COM. ClickOnceMore will transfer Registration Free COM info from your applications manifest file into the ClickOnce manifests it creates.
  • New command line options for allowing you to override individual macro values and override many settings at build time.
  • New option to ignore warnings during a build.
  • Several small usability improvements such as options to automatically create missing output directories and to open the output directory after a successful build.
  • New option to expand macros placeholders in your application config file when deploying your ClickOnce package.
  • You can now specifiy any Windows version as a prerequisite. Select from a preconfigured list of set your own version number directly.
  • Output folders and files now correctly inherit permissions from parent directories.
  • Trust level information now moved correctly to manifest file.
  • Macros placeholders in Application Name now get expanded in description field of .manifest file.
  • Missing project file no longer causes error at start up.
  • Loading relative paths that are simply a macro placeholder (e.g. [output]) no longer causes a path to be appended to the front.
  • Macro placeholders in path names are now recorded before a 'Browse' and put back afterwards where possible.
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ClickOnceMore 2.1

14 July 2010

  • Full support for .Net Framework 4, including adding it as a prerequisite
  • Option to remove the Installation Path from deployment manifest to allow installtion from multiple URLs
  • Automatic detection of processor architecture. Particularly helpful for x86 and x64 applications
  • Remember user's preference for maximized/normalized window on start up
  • .application extension and .exe extensions correctly added to assembly identity in the .manifest and .application files respectively
  • Better handling of errors during build process when trying to determine if an included file is a .net assembly or not
  • Application settings files now stored in users profile for smoother operation on Windows Vista and Windows 7
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ClickOnceMore 2.0

14 October 2009

  • New Macro system. Define macro schemes with different values for different environments (e.g. DEV and PROD)
  • Full support for .Net3.5 ClickOnce features (Desktop Shortcut, File Associations, Installation Error URL, Minimum OS Error URL, Suite Name)
  • Specify minimum .Net Framework version for target systems
  • Full product documentation. Summary help on screen and F1 online help available for each screen
  • Quick start guide
  • Compatible with 64 bit Windows
  • Updated user interface
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ClickOnceMore 1.3

16 December 2008

  • Read only files being included in a build no longer cause the next build to fail
  • Files included by an inclusion rule which are picked up from a sub-directory of the rules directory, and which are to be installed to the same directory on the target, no longer cause erroneous warnings
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ClickOnceMore 1.2

12 July 2008

  • Less restricted evaluation version. You can now save projects and evaluate the command line tool
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Unfortunately we have had to withdraw support for 64 bit OS until further notice.
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ClickOnceMore 1.1

14 December 2007

  • New web site displayed in About Box
  • Support site URL updated
  • Show activation code in UI
  • Browse dialogs to account for macros when trying to browse to previous file
  • Including the same file by multiple rules no longer causes unhandled error
  • Allow Deployment URL overridden from command line
  • New option allowing you to set the current version to be the minimum version
  • Ask for permission to contact users
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ClickOnceMore 1.0- It begins!

30 October 2007

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Please note, this information is indicitive only. Red Sky Software reserves the right to alter release schedules and features at any time.